Friday, June 01, 2007

‘Tis the Season for the Weight Loss Infomercial

Although I had vowed to start losing weight in mid-December, I didn’t start building my current weight loss momentum until mid-February. That was when I started Spark People. I don’t really know when the weight loss bug will hit me. The first time it hit me (that I recorded) was January 2004, which I always associated with The Weight Loss Season when everyone gets into the weight loss grove. And I was no different, because that was when I had put weight loss on my New Years Resolution (again). But I fell out of it in the summer when I went on vacation and was unable to get back on it until early November. What a weird time to get the weight loss bug, right before Thanksgiving. It was during this time when I was in school and learning how to help others and I thought, “Hey, I can apply this to myself!” so I went to the school nutritionist and I was good until I became sick as a side effect of being pregnant in early March. It wasn’t until July 2006 did I return to the weight loss cause. That was when I started blogging. Then The Semester From Hell started and I fell out of it again. And here I am today, riding my latest weight loss wave that started mid-February.

Did you know that springtime is actually a bigger weight loss season than January? It ‘s because of Swimsuit Season being close at hand. I didn’t really learn this until this year. But I definitely am noticing all the weight loss magazine articles, ads, commercials, shows, and infomercials. I like reading/watching these because it gives me motivation and keeps me focus. But some of the infomercials I’m finding to be…misleading. I know, I know, “Duh!” But I usually watch and read with an air of innocence, thinking that it would be illegal if these advertisements lied to me. But they CAN lie to you, at least for a time, until the FDA catches up to them or when there’s enough attention on them for others to debunk them. And they can definitely present the truth in a misleading way without much commotion from outside sources. The latter is what I’ve been noticing lately. I think it’s due to my recent revelations of how I was mislead by my heart rate monitor. So now when I watch infomercials, it’s hard to get motivated by people’s success stories, since it’s hard to ignore all of the marketing ploys.

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