Thursday, May 24, 2007

Body Fat Percentage

If you pay attention to my sidebar, you would have noticed that my body fat percentage has increased. And you maybe asking yourself, “How the heck did this girl manage to gain fat as she loses weight?” Well I’ll tell you. It’s because I did the first measurement. When I bought my heart rate monitor it came with a caliper to measure body fat. It promised to be as accurate as a professional, but it was just more misleading information to sell monitors. (It was the instructions of this same monitor that lead me to believe that the fat burning zone was the most effective zone for weight loss. How can the purchase of one object create so much confusion!)

On Tuesday, I went to the gym to have the head trainer measure my fat percentage. I would have had it done last month, but I got side tracked. Last month, when I came up to the head trainer, he advised me to schedule the two free personal training sessions that came with my membership, which included a body fat percentage test among other assessments. I thought, “Why not?” So I scheduled one to only cancel it until this month because I was inundated with school stuff. Well on Monday I telephoned the head trainer to schedule one, and he asked me for my reasons. I told him to measure my body fat and curiosity regarding the other assessments that he had talked about when we first met. He asked me if I was interested in personal training. I said no, so he advised me to instead drop in the next day so that he can measure my body fat. I agreed to it. I figured it wouldn’t be fair to waste their time if I wasn’t looking to buy. Also I don’t want there to be some weird awkwardness between us, when I ask him to measure my body fat every 6 weeks. Well the next day I came in and waved at him as if we were old friends, and he looked at me blankly. I asked him to measure my body fat, reminding him of our telephone conversation. Then he advised me to schedule the free personal training sessions instead. Am I in the Twilight Zone? Am I stuck in some kind of loop? I reminded him more of our telephone conversation and our first meeting. His expression was one of blankness and surprise?, but he agreed to measure my body fat. And he did an excellent job. I’m definitely going to come back to him in a month and a half. He’ll probably tell me to do the free sessions again and I will probably have to remind him that we already did this song and dance. But I like this relationship. And I like this funny guy with the short-term memory.


TrixieBelden said...

I'm glad you got a chuckle out of him because I think his memory loss would have driven me crazy! I never thought to have my body fat percentage measured on a periodic basis. How does the measurement work?

Living to Feel Good said...

Haha! I had my body fat measured when I had a personal trainer, but because I didn't continue after my free 5 sessions I never found out how much it went down. I hate to ask them because I don't want to get suckered into buying more sessions.

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