Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hell is a Kitchen Full of Chocolate

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I’ve eaten chocolate consistently for almost a week, and not just a serving a day, I mean 3-5 servings a day! I wonder if it’s possible to live off of one food. Maybe it is, but it sure feels nasty. My tongue has a terrible brown film over it and my lips are dry from lack of nutrients. I cycle between being excitable, irritable, and depleted of energy. Yet I keep on doing it. Other than that, my eating has been stellar. Vegetables, fruit, lean meats. Don’t know why I’m on this chocolate bend. I keep hoping that I’ll get sick of the stuff and stop. But it doesn’t seem likely. Once when I was in undergrad, I ate a whole box of chocolate. I became so sick that I was throwing up. Yet as soon as I was better, I started eating chocolate again. I should be enjoying myself. I mean, come on. Chocolate. Is there anything more enjoyable than chocolate? Yet I feel like I'm in hell.


Unknown said...

I'm about to commit blasphemy here... so here I go...

*looks right*

*looks left*

I'm actually not too fussed about chocolate. ZOMG. Chocolate biscuits? I've eaten through packet upon packet of these, these and these. And these. And these. [you get the picture].

And I ALWAYS keep on eating them, thinking at the same time that there is nothing more blissful, yet that I'm feeling like crap from all of the sugar and the butter and the whatnot.

There's no way to tell someone how to stop, so anything I say in here will be useless; though the intuitive eating thing and letting myself enjoy these things from time to time has helped me to stop 'getting it while its there', and has helped me to be less at odds with it. Perhaps this chocolate bender is your body's way of telling you that somewhere, something else isn't being satisfied?

I hope you feel better soon, and get the 'hell' out of there. [Yes, I know that was an incredibly painful pun, but it was the best I could come up with]

MrsSH said...

Aggree with marshy there, your body may be telling you it wants something. I was eating steak a couple of times last week and I get that before I get my period. I love chocolate too, not so much as chocolate bars but I love ice cream and a good cookie.

Lily T said...

Thanks you guys. I feel so much better.

Marshmallow - Don't worry about the pun. I was asking for it.

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