Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Acceptable Overweight

It could be a fluke. Most likely it is. After being 123 for a little over a month, my weight dipped down to 120! I’ve been 123 for so long, I had already accepted that weight as MY weight and was happy if I never lost another pound. To see a different number was quite exciting. It felt like I was going somewhere, accomplishing something.

I know that next week it will probably be 121 or even 122, but for now, it looks like I only have 5lbs until I reach my goal weight and that’s such a ridiculously low number. It’ll probably take me 4 months to lose, but it’s such a little number it matters very little I lose it any time soon.

I also had my body fat percentage measured, and I’m glad to say that according to the American Council on Exercise, I have left the “unhealthy” category and barely entered the category of “acceptable”. I’m happy with "acceptable". However, according to the American Dietetics Association, I’m still “overweight”. Ideally, I would like to lose 5% more, but for now I’m quite happy with my “acceptable overweight” status.


Sinnasue said...

Congrats. Keep up the hard work. The little gain next week will be easily manageble and you are one step closer to your goal! The next 5 years *wink* is the true test of your success.

Marshmallow said...

Girl, I am SO damn impressed with you dropping that fat percentage so much to change categories; thats - in the words of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter - BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Living to Feel Good said...

Congrats with your loss! :)
So glad you will be joining me with the food photo challenge. Make sure you post your pictures Sunday night or Monday morning. Can't wait to see!! :D

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, that's really impressive! I love too that even while you're watching the pounds drop you're not impatient about the process and you're thinking long term.

Marshmallow said...

[and by the way, you've been tagged!]

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