Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jonestown Incident

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Friday night, we returned home late when we started to watch a really good documentary about the Jonestown incident. Although it was really good, the images and implications kept me awake most of the night. I woke up early the next day, and I was truly dysfunctional. We painted this weekend, so our house was in utter chaos. In addition, we spent two nights at my parents’ house because of the chaos and paint fumes. It was disorienting for the kids and myself, and needless to say my sleep continued to suffer. Then every evening since then, Ly has been dragging myself and the kids to different places to get new window treatments, keeping us awake longer than usual. It is only this morning when I finally felt well rested. But because of everything, I have lost the urge to eat right and record it. And even though, I have no real cravings at the moment, I’ve been eating way over in calories. It’s depressing but understandable.

Since the Jonestown incident (not the actual one, but the one when I stayed up all night because I couldn’t stop thinking about the documentary incident), I have decided to reintroduce not watching TV or be on the computer one hour before bedtime.


TrixieBelden said...

Hey, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. Sounds like you need a good rest.

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Check out my last post for instructions if you want to participate.

Thanks for always making me think!

Trixie Belden

Half Man said...

Thanks for posting on my site. I go to bed with the TV set to go off on a timer. Normally, I fall asleep quickly because of my exercise routine. But every once in a while, I end up staying awake long enough for the timer to turn the TV off. Then I am exhausted the next day.

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.