Monday, June 25, 2007

A Fool's Bet?

I’m a bit unsure about the bet I decided to participate in. Ly was offered the same bet but he declined. I asked him why. He says that it was a “fool’s bet” for him, since he doesn’t think he can lose more than 5 lbs. But if it were a fool’s bet for him then wouldn’t it be a fool’s bet for me, since we are relatively the same height and weight?

Additionally, the possible loses are great and the gains are very little. Ly went out with some of the guys of the bet, and Forrest, the most motivated one, announced that if he won he would choose a place where we would have to dress up. OMG! I can stand to lose 300 dollars on this bet!

Here are the participants:

David: 26-year-old male. He has excellent motivation to go to the gym and workout like crazy, but he has very little willpower regarding sweets.

Forrest: 28-year-old male. He’s crazy competitive and tremendously motivated in everything he puts his mind into, but he’s also a lot more fit than he thinks.

Marco: 27-year-old male. He doesn’t seem very invested in winning the bet, but he’s the most discipline with eating right.

Cody: 27-year-old male. He has the most to lose and has just started exercising and trying to lose weight! Ly believes that he would most likely win it all.

Jackie: 27-year-old female. She’s a little bit chubbier than me, but she doesn’t seem very willing to put too much time into losing weight.

Lily: 32-year-old female. Me! Unlike everyone else, I’ve been at my current weight loss effort since February. I feel like a seasoned veteran, but my weight loss has slowed down a great deal at the moment. And what I have noticed is that the weight comes off the fastest in the beginning. Additionally, I am quite a bit older than the other participants so my metabolism will naturally be lower. On top of that, most of the other participants are male and I have noticed that they tend to lose weight faster than females.

As you can see the odds are stacked against me. So what should I do? Should I stay for the extra motivation or should I bail out to prevent loss of money?


Anonymous said...

I'd either bail or place conditions on the bet. Yes, it does seem silly to go to a restaurant when you all are trying to lose weight. I'd either place a maximum amount on the price of the dinner or make it much simpler and all of you put $10 towards the person who wins the most.

If you can't change the bet, I'd bail. The heaviest person is most likely to win. Also, as you are well aware of, generally people lose weight quickly at the start and then slow down. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Marshmallow said...

I'd bail - Sarah-II and I had a conversation about this and this sort of challenge is rigged very much in favour of the heaviest male.

Living to Feel Good said...

I like the first comment, about everyone putting 10 bucks in, and the winner takes all. I do hate to say this though..if it is just based on weight loss, the guys are gonna win. If it was based on fat % then you'd have a chance.

Half Man said...

Perhaps, you need to change the bet to percent of body weight lost rather than lbs. lost like they do on Biggest Loser. Otherwise, I think the odds are stacked in favor of the fattest man.

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