Friday, June 22, 2007

The Bet

My cousin asked me if I would like to participate in a weight loss bet with the rest of the cousins. Apparently they were sitting around complaining about having to go to the gym, when they came up with a way to motivate themselves. After 6 weeks, the one who loses the most percentage of body weight gets to pick where ever they would like to eat. The one who loses the least has to pay for half the bill and the rest would have to pay for the second half. I know. It’s strange to have food as an incentive to lose weight, but this is what we do anyways. The real incentive would be to not pay when we do. I told him that I was in. I’ve been on a major plateau for over a month and maybe this will get my butt in gear. And maybe it’ll also keep me from overeating during family get-togethers.


Half Man said...

Sounds like a fun bet unless you lose.

TrixieBelden said...

If you felt comfortable enough to join the bet, I don't think its a bad idea. It's only a bad idea if it rubs you the wrong way from the beginning. I wish you luck!

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