Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Bet Continues (Without Me)

Thank you everyone for your comments on the last post. They really helped me from making a terrible mistake. Right away I left a message on David’s voice mail to tell him I was out.

He came over the other day during my working out. I felt uncomfortable, since I hate exercising in front of other people. But he started talking to me about the bet and weight loss, and I really got into it. He told me that everyone participating in the bet has gained one or two pounds except for us: him who has lost 4 lbs and me whom has lost one. Despite this information my decision to keep out of the bet still stands, because the chances are still great that I end up in last place. Everyone in the bet, except for David and myself, has just started to exercise and they all chose the most intense form, running. The weight they gained could very well be muscle gain, so the others still have a chance to win.

But still it was nice to talk about weight loss, which has become my favorite topic.

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TrixieBelden said...

I am actually happy you decided to forgo the bet, even though I supported you when you first said you wanted to join it. You have to be comfortable with the situation and I am so glad that you got out when you realized you weren't comfortable.

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