Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Obsessing and Researching

I’m obsessing about weight loss again, and when this happens everything else is neglected. Father’s Day was last weekend, and I didn’t do anything for Ly! And it’s not like I didn’t have time. It’s just that I was preoccupied with myself. Last night I spent two hours writing a blog entry, ignoring my kids’ cry for attention. Then when I was preparing Hunter for bed, I realized he’d be going to my mother-in-law’s today, because Ly won’t be home in time for me to go to my sewing class in the evening. That means I wouldn’t be seeing him the whole day! I felt regret and wished I had paid more attention to him. I wished I could be more balanced.

In trying to find ways I can insure my weight loss and maintenance, I've been thinking of intuitive eating. I unknowingly tried this method twice using "A Lifetime of Weight Control & Fitness" by Debra Waterhouse. It didn’t work out for me, because I was too particular about rating my hunger/fullness and had difficulty being attuned to my body. And although this method was suppose to eliminate the guilt that comes with dieting, I still felt guilt and maybe more so when I fell into social pressures. I know that everyone (excluding those with extreme and special circumstances such as autism or anti-social personality disorder) is subject to social pressures, but I like to fancy myself as above it. Intuitive eating has helped me discover that I’m not. Also it suggested that I should eat without distractions, which was impossible when feeding two kids at the same time. And I didn’t want to give up eating vegetables in front of the TV, since it helps me eat them.

Despite my issues with this method I do still utilize its techniques somewhat, but I wonder if I should look more into it. Maybe buy a better book regarding it. But I have great hesitation making purchases for myself, so I decided to do a little academic research on the effectiveness of this method first (I have my student access to the academic journals on-line until the end of the summer). I discovered that I couldn’t find any existing research whether it was or wasn’t effective. I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering how new this method is. Although this may indicate a better prognosis than traditional methods since most research only demonstrate how unsuccessful they are, it’s not enough for me to back it up with my money.

Then I ran across ”The Beck Diet Solution” by Judith S. Beck while perusing on Amazon and I remember reading about it on jen’s blog. It talked about utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy towards weight loss. Currently, this method is all the rage in my industry, because it’s backed by tremendous empirical evidence regarding all different kinds of situations (although I’m not sure if there’s evidence directly towards weight loss). Never the less, it has peaked my interest. And I’ll look into it …later. Right now, I need to give some attention back to the family.


Living to Feel Good said...

Well I don't have kids, but I do know what you mean as I have neglected other things in my life.

I was walking today by myself, and I thought, this is good. I need to take the time out I have been taking for exercising. If it means I don't have time to do dishes one night, then that is fine. I am worth it.

I do ignore house cleaning to blog, and comment, I have been slacking on getting stuff for my personal business. I always think tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. Sales are slacking right now.
I thought geez when David and I try to have a kid in the next few months will I be able to balance everything, but house work will need to be done. Anyway I don't need to rant anymore...point is I know how addicting weight loss, and blogging can be.

Take care.

Megan said...

I often have a hard time juggling everything too. Kids, husband, pets, household chores, outdoor chores, laundry, dishes, school, weight loss, trying to fit in personal time...

We all just have to do the best that we can! Keep your chin up!

Tree Lover said...

I have tried to find research about intuitive eating and have been surprised that there seems to be none available. That said, I have had a great experience with IE, and I would recommend it to anyone. As for the guilt, IE does help with getting rid of it, but it's not that simple. It takes a lot of time and persistence to free yourself of the guilt. Heck, it takes a lot of time and persistence to learn how to eat intuitively. And don't worry about having trouble with some of the guideline like eating without distractions. IE doesn't demand perfection. In fact, it demands that you learn to accept imperfection. You can be succesful at IE without following all of the guidelines. Also, if you do decide to read an IE book, I would strongly recommend that you seek out IE support online, too. It's pretty much impossible to learn how to eat intuitively without support from other people who are on the same journey. Books just aren't enough.

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.