Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Blame Game

When I wrote the last post, I realized that blaming Ly for my eating seems to be a common occurrence. Although, I still hate it that he badgers me, I shouldn’t have blamed him for the fact that I drank another drink that he didn’t even offer. It’s so illogical. Just as it was illogical to blame him when I ate too much at a buffet or when I ate those pancakes. He seemed to have become my scapegoat, mostly because it’s easier to feel angry with Ly then to feel guilt or shame. Then I read this post, and I wonder if guilt and shame are anger directed at me. Never the less, it’s me blaming myself. I want to get away from blaming anybody. I have forgiven myself for my stupidity, but how do I keep myself from blaming in the future?

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