Friday, September 15, 2006

Eating Bad, Gaining Weight, Doing Okay

I wasn’t going to post today, being so tired and all, but because of such overwhelming concern for me from my new Internet friends (thank you by the way), I figured I should give an update. In a nutshell, I’m doing better. I think I was going through what my industry calls “transitional anxiety”. I feel like I’m over it now. Earlier this week, my husband and I got into an argument, but it was a good one. The type where I feel that I benefited and grown because of it. We hadn’t had that type of an argument in a long time. Ever since Teresa was born our arguments have been out of control mostly because I have been out of control. Well, I feel like I’m slowly coming back to my senses.

The food department is another story, however. It’s that time of the month, and I’m over-indulging in sweets and snacks (I’m especially craving chocolate). I’m not even trying to temper myself. Today, I went to a “cookie party” after internship with no intention of holding back and I didn’t. I need to get back on the wagon (again).

Is this how the rest of my school year is going to be? Eat well until the end of the week then going hog wild? I wonder how I can break the pattern.

This week, unsurprisingly, I gained a pound.

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Kimberly said...

Breaking that pattern won't be easy. But you've come a long way since the beginning of the year, and you can do it. I think if you have one good weekend (or even one good weekend day), you will feel so good about yourself that you will be motivated to keep it up. I know, easier said than done.

Glad you're back :)

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