Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clothes Shopping Fun

I went clothes shopping. I haven’t done that since when I was pregnant with Teresa and I needed something to wear for a party. But I couldn’t prolong it any longer. As I’m learning about the organization I’m interning, I’m thinking about the possibility of working here after I graduate. If that were the case, I would need to impress. It’s hard to impress when some of the clothes I wear look too baggy on me, so I decided to bite the bullet and head out to the mall. I went to New York & Company (formally known as Learner’s New York). New York & Company must be my most favourite place to shop. They have styles I like in the size that I am (girth-wise and height-wise).

Short on time, I went directly to the sales lady and told her specifically what I was looking for (boot-cut slacks). She directed me to some shelves and asked me what my size was. I honestly didn’t know. I did knew that I’ve been wearing size 16 and 18 and that I have lost some weight but I was still able to wear these sizes with a belt, so I guessed I was a size 12 or 14. She looked at me, incredulously, and guessed I was more 8 or 10. I was flattered, but I also knew that people have mistaken my weight/size before. She handed me a size 12 and encouraged me to try a size 10. I tried it and was able to close the clasp of the size 10, but I felt the size 12 were more comfortable. I was still happy though, knowing that I was able to at least get into a size 10 and that size 14 was too big for me. I left the store quite happy with two new slacks and a pear of jeans. When I returned home I spent a lot of time posing in front of the mirror, admiring my ass. It’s nice to have clothes that fit. If I’m lucky these clothes will become loose on me also in no time.


*Christie* said...

Wow, that has got to feel so great!!!!! Way to go! Keep on rockin' it and I'm sure they'll be too big on your in no time!


Kimberly said...

Wow that's AWESOME! I can imagine that's a great feeling. I love wearing clothes that fit well, even at my size it's confidence boosting.

Soon, those size 10s will fit like a glove!

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