Friday, August 11, 2006

The Snack Trap

One of my triggers is my parents’ house. I thought it was just I. I thought it was because I found the environment annoying that I try to escape and avoid parental contact by snacking. And when my parents aren’t around, I do it out of association. But my husband also has the same issue. Well…he also finds my mom annoying…

Today, I took the whole family to my parents’ house. No one was there. They just needed someone to be there to receive a delivery. My husband was with us, since he telecommutes on Fridays. Right before we headed out, my husband says, “Be careful.” He meant that my parents’ house was a snack trap, and I should prepare myself. So I did. I was just there Tuesday, so I knew what I was up against. I felt confident, because I have been so motivated and I had done well when I was there last.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out the way I wanted.

I brought lunch and snacks, but I was already hungry. Right when I entered the house, I went straight to the kitchen (an old reflex to when I use to live there). I took account of all the foods that was there: in the cupboards, in the refrigerator, on the counters, and on the kitchen table. It was the same. My parents don’t keep much food. And when there’s something good, I want to gobble it all up, afraid that I would miss an opportunity (another old reflex). Well. There were three items of food that caught my eye: pie, ice cream, and rice cracker trail mix. I ate my lunch and snacks, keeping these items of food in mind. I became full, but I was still unsatisfied. I decided to eat the trail mix. “It was only 110 calories a serving,” I said to myself. Well, I ate 6 servings. I ate 3 servings sitting at the table, and then every time I stood up, I went to the trail mix. Funny how things add up. At least I didn’t eat the pie and ice cream.


Chris said...

I think sometimes we try so hard, we foil ourselves. I like your attitude could have been worse but you only ate one of the three. Tomorrow's a new day. Hurray on the twenty pounds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily T, Thanks for the v&c. I posted the results the next day and guess what, my daughters house is like your mom's. You are doing so good Kudos for you. May I tag you, I only have two return visitors and one of them tagged me. You have been tagged, name 5 weird things about yourself and pass the tag on to three others. Keep up the good work, I wish I had your motivation. God Bless you. I'm thinkoffthefat, I have to use anony. my computer is on the blink and doesn't always accept me.

Lily T said...

Sure you can tag me, thinkoffthefat. Hope4baby had already tagged me. 5 weird things are posted here(Weigh In and Weird Things About Me).

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