Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weekly Weigh-in

I lost 1 pound this week. I’m glad because it’s a gradual lost. I was happy that I lost 4 pounds last week, but I knew it was too much at once. Although I’m glad, I’m also disappointed. Since I was losing so much lately I was expecting another large lost. Guess not. It’s okay.

All my feelings seem to contradict and fight each other that in the end I just feel neutral.


Askazombiehousewife said...

The dice thing sounds kind of cute

Hope4Baby said...

Every other week I usually have a good weight loss. One week will be 1 pound or less, then the next week it will be 3 or more pounds..

So how does the dice thing work.. really great idea.

Lily T said...

How I use dice to choose what to wear is that if I am undecided between different articles of clothing, I assign them numbers in my head. Mostly they're numbered from left to right. (ie. left of the drawer to the right, left of the closet to the right). I roll the dice (only need one if undecided between 6 or less article of clothing), and then chose the article of clothing I assigned that number. If there are less than then 6 articles of clothing, I keep on rolling until a number that was assigned has been rolled. I know it's time consuming, but I feel it's even more time consuming for me to sit there and be undecided, try different outfits, and bother my husband weither I should wear this one or that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily T, Thanks for the v&c. Thank you also for reaffirming that the temptations are great in my life, all I need now it to gain the control. I think the fact that you chew your baby's food first may help contribute to your baby's immune system, as does breast milk. Has that made you gain weight at all? I wouldn't mind doing that for myself. Chew it and enjoy it, and then spit out the calories. I'm always looking for a easy way to lose weight. Bless you and your family.

Lily T said...

I don't really use chewing my baby's food as a technique to loose weight. I only chew it when I forget her food and we're out and about. It doesn't happen frequently, but when it does, I disgust many people. But a baby has to eat, right?

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.