Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of Instruction

All my classes are on Monday, so that means I spend the whole day Mondays on campus. Luckily, my sister-in-law lives close to campus, so that I can store my lunch and dinner in her refrigerator, saving me money and calories. Yesterday was my first day of instruction. I brought a fruit cup, raisins, and a pudding cup with me, but it wasn’t enough. By mid-day, I was craving crackers. I settled on a bag of pretzels that contained 6 servings. I had divided a serving for myself and ate it before my research class, but during class I snacked on 4 more servings. Next time I shall (a) bring my own carb-like snacks or (b) buy a bag that contains only one serving.

For my first day, I wore a pair of jeans that were so large I needed a belt to keep it from falling (side-effect of losing so much weight). I’ve worn it before to the store and my parents’ house but being on campus with fellow students straight from high school, I am painfully aware that the ballooning fabric over my pelvis is not fashionable. It’s time to get rid of these jeans.


skinnyminny8 said...

That must feel sooo good for your jeans to be so baggy,,. It shows you how well you have done.. Congratulations :)

What are you studying?

Lily T said...


It totally feels good to have baggy jeans. I remember when I couldn't even wear these same pair. It seems hard to believe.

I'm studying for a master's in social work

Kimberly said...

Yes, time for new jeans :)

And time to pack a lot more food next week! Planning is really important.

Lily T said...

You are so right, Kimberly. I'm going to do that. Plus campus food can get pricey.

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