Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rollar Coaster on a Hill

I have started counting calories. January 1st was my first day.

Another year. Another weight loss resolution.

I’m not the only one. I just came from the gym (not exercising, because I forgot my athletic shoes), and it was packed.

This year is different from last year. Or even the year before that. I don’t have the same enthusiasm and drive as I’ve had during this time of the year as I normally have.

In another perspective. My situation is not as bad as it was the beginning of last year (although had just giving birth at the time). I read in the newspaper that change is like a staircase. There is no straight shot to the goal. Maybe it’s more like a roller coaster built on a hill. It goes up and down (maybe loops and turns also), but it the end it will reach the bottom of the hill. I know. I know. Such a roller coaster does not exist; therefore my analogy is pure stupidity. But, hey, it works for me.

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