Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Baaaack!

Whew! This last quarter must have been the hardest quarter I've ever had! Fortunately, my blogging before school started helped me with my writing. Normally, I would fret over every word and spend most of the time looking at a black screen. Blogging helped me practice writing with abandonment. Unfortunately, at the end of the quarter, I fizzled out and couldn’t write another word, staring at a blank screen again. It took every ounce of energy I had to squeeze out the last word in my last assignment, but now I’m free. Still feel tied down somewhere…Oh that’s right! I still have the house and kids to take care of! Well, anyway, I’m at a state where I was before I went to school. Now I’m desperately trying to regain what I had and maybe move forward a little bit more. I didn’t hit the ground running. I turned in the paper on Friday and only re-started my exercise routine yesterday. I was going to do aerobics and weight training, but I decided (in mid-aerobics) that I would only do aerobics. Maybe start weight training Wednesday or next week.

This week I have vacation from internship. Since my in-laws are going on their cruise this week, Ly and I decided to also take a vacation. We’re going to Legoland. I’m so excited. We’ll be staying at my uncle’s house, which is 2 hours away from Legoland. I still plan to exercise when I’m there. Normally, my uncle’s house is a dessert food trap. My aunt is really into baking, and, dude, she’s good! Last time was crazy! My cousin, a student at the culinary academy, brought his schoolwork to my uncle’s, chocolate truffles! This time will be different. This time, we’ll be going in the middle of the week, and my culinary cousin lives far away enough from my uncle’s to not come visiting with his latest school work. Additionally, my aunt is up here because she has to attend a funeral, so I don’t have to brave through her yummy desserts.

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Unknown said...

Great to have you back LilyT, I've missed your posts :-)

I hope you enjoy your vacation! You definitely deserve it given how much work you've had on.

Take care :-D

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