Friday, August 18, 2006

Do they know?

Like I told you. My husband hid the treats, but he didn’t return them as he said he would. My sisters came over, and I asked them if they wanted some. My husband, Ly, says, “Where are they?” He was poking fun at me, because I didn’t know where they were. This bothered me. I was irritated that I can’t just give my guests food when I want to. Made me feel like a child. As if I wasn’t responsible enough to know where the treats were. Which was correct, but I didn’t want everyone to find out. Then I was concerned that they already knew. Last night, my cousins were in the room where he would most likely hide them. This morning I saw an empty box of treats in the room where they played video games all night long. I wonder if the topic came up. I wonder if Ly told them. I hate this. I hate people knowing, but I know I shouldn’t be concerned. I should just be grateful that the treats weren’t where they were suppose to be in the afternoon when I craved for them.

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