Friday, August 18, 2006

Controlled My Snack Monster

Congratulate me. I controlled my snack monster. Yesterday, I picked up my cousin from the airport. There’s a family reunion on Saturday, so family are coming from all over. He surprises me with yummy treats that his mom brought back with her from her visit to the Philippines. Normally, I would act overly excited. But instead I act neutral. I’m more irritated of the fact that I will have to battle it out with my urges earlier than expected. I can tell that my cousin’s taken aback with my indifference (my sweet tooth is legendary among family and friends), so he repeats himself. I fake out my gratification.

So there they were, on the kitchen table. And I was hungry, so I tried one. Then I realized it was close to dinnertime, so I put them away (I surprised myself with being able to do this).

After dinner, I decided to have a serving’s worth. Unfortunately, only one of the treats was labelled with nutritional information, and I wanted to try them all. I decided that a serving’s worth would be ¼ cup. I had my perceived serving’s worth, which I think was closer to ¾ cup, and then closed the bag. Sensing that the treats were going to be taken away, my hand jumped up and had three more, before I was able to hide them away. I then paced aimlessly in the kitchen, trying to decide whether I should clean up after dinner, or leave where temptation lies and busy myself in another part of the house. My husband notices, and I tell him about my strong urge to binge out. So he takes the bag and decides to hide them somewhere else. I freak out with this. I hate it when he hides treats from me. It makes me feel like a child. But then I remember how Charlie in the TV show “Lost” had insisted on keeping heroine hidden but near him (and he was a recovering heroine addict). It was insurance. A security blanket. And that was what treats were to me. My husband promised that he would put them back later, and I was okay with that. Now here I am in bed with no urge to eat any more of those treats. Even if the treats were where they should be, I don’t feel like going to them. And I think to myself, “Maybe I can do this after all,” so I decide to make another contract with myself…

Targeted behaviour: Overeating snacks and treats

Goal: Limit snacks and treats to one serving (or ¼ cup if not indicated) 8 out of 10 times

How: (1) Set out to give myself only on serving (2) Hide the rest of the treats. (3)
If necessary ask husband to hide them. (4) Give them away ASAP.

Reward: fanny pack/water carrier

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Arindana said...

Good luck with your lack of treats. I know exactly what you are going through.

I bought some Mounds bars the other day when we hopped the border for lunch and I can't get those in Canada. i started off well and I tihnk if I was on a routine I'd be able to handle it but I'm not, I'm on vacation and I broke down and binged on them and now I have none. Sigh.

You did well girl!

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