Friday, January 25, 2008

Vaguely Victorious

I can’t believe that I am posting so soon after my last post! Every day I’m doing better and better. Which appears to be the way I operate. There are rare occasions when I get inspired and I’m operating at full tilt, but most of the time I acknowledge that I need to change and I work away at it like a sculptor chipping away at slab of stone. As for my goals I had set up, the limiting TV/Internet and high calorie foods, I’m doing okay. I’m not being rigorous with keeping track of everything, but I can only recall 3 instances this past week and a half when I had overate high calorie foods and I had actually lost weight this week. That has to account for something. As for limiting TV/Internet, I was able to pull myself away enough to get some filing done. It’s not the type of victory that I would make movies about, but it feels like I’m finally pulling away from failure. Now my next step would be to set up some recording/award system, so that I know for sure when I’m doing good. I had one set up, but it was largely dependent on my calorie intake. Now that I’m no longer caring about that, I should probably think of another system.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how much better you feel when you are doing well! and stay on track. Well done you! You're doing great.
I also haven't figured out a reward scheme. Something to think about.

Irish Rosie said...

You go girl! It feels so good when it is going right ... and you are so close to victory!!

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.