Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Joy of Meal Preparation

One of my favorite cooking shows is Barefoot Contessa, mainly because it offers me a glimpse of a fantasy lifestyle where one lives in a beautiful mansion, visit quant stores to pick up ingredients, and entertain (mostly well-mannered adults) in a cosy but elegant setting. There’s something tremendously peaceful about Ina Garten as she brings attention to the lush sights and sounds of preparing a meal. She makes preparing for company seem peaceful and enjoyable, unlike the hustle and anxiety of what is real for me. I know with my kids and income, I can never live Ina Garten’s life, but I would like to strive for it more.

Living to Feel Good enjoys her life. Her name (which is the same name as her blog) says it all. She writes about stuff that she enjoys. Not high intensity, crazy stuff that my cousins and friends (before they had kids) think is “enjoying life”. The simple stuff. The stuff I would normally miss, because I’m too much in my head. Recently she wrote about her excitement over preparing the Thanksgiving meal. I can't imagine ever being excited over preparing a meal, and it reminded me of the life I wished I had.

I would like to entertain more. I mean voluntarily prepare a meal for guests. Normally, I’m cornered to do it, Ly inviting his co-workers to our house and friends and family visiting out of the blue. I would actually like to NOT make something on the fly, while the kids demand, the husband leaves things on the kitchen counter, and the house still needs cleaning. I would like to make something delicious that my guests would wonder why they would ever consider going to a restaurant again. I would like to live a cosy but elegant life. And like all my dreams, I should probably start small.


Living to Feel Good said...

Okay first I want to say high five for your 3/5 days complete. I'm glad you are joining us on the challenge. I too took today off, but I will be back tomorrow. So woohoo for both of us, 2 more days left!

And why don't you plan out some big meal? It could be fun! I make a big deal out of Thanksgiving, and everyone loves it which makes everything worth it to me. I do Christmas too, but Thanksgiving is more fun as far as the food goes.
Thanks for the shout out! :) And I like the Barefoot Contessa too. I remember watching a great Thanksgiving episode last year. I can't wait for all those shows next month.

Duchess of Dork said...

I found your blog from a comment on Half of Me. Hope you don't mind me reading. ^_^

I love Barefoot Contessa, too! And she sometimes makes good low carb things, like the episode where she made that omelette for a breakfast meeting. Cut out the potatoes and it's sooo good. I also envy the lifestyle she portrays.. hard to entertain elegantly when you live with three people in an apartment!

kelly said...

i LOVE watching cooking shoes. mostly anything except for simply homemade with sandra lee or whatever it's called. she annoys me!

good job with the challenge too :) i'm allllmost done!

Sinnasue said...

I do not like entertaining myself which is weird seeing I am asian and my mum is the perfect hostess. I told my hubby early on if there is any kind of guess in our house. He is to get his ass off the sofa and help me serve, take the dishes in and entertain them as I am NOT the MAID. It has worked wonderfully and people are actually surprised over how helpfull he is compared to other men. The only problem lately is my kid wants to 'help' out in the cooking which is not much 'help'. I actually make him clean the house with me before the guess comes and he does willingly. I am starting to think there is something weird with my husband as I am writing this :-)

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.