Monday, April 09, 2007


I felt so hungry today and unfulfilled. I also noticed that my lips are dry. I think maybe I should eat more nutritious foods, but I totally don't feel like it. I wonder if I'm just not eating enough. I'm definitely urging something else than the boring stuff I've been eating lately. Today, I ate California rolls as a snack. I felt totally bad about that. I ate 8 pieces, when I set out to only eat 4. In the end, it turned out okay. I still stayed within my calorie range.


Unknown said...

Staying within your calorie range is nowhere near as important as satisfying yourself nutritionally and emotionally. If you carry on eating whilst ignoring this feeling, you'll find yourself binging.

Please take care of yourself and try to listen to what your body wants, it really helps.

Living to Feel Good said...

Good advice Marshmallow. 8 California rolls aren't that bad for you. I eat them myself about once a week. And I eat 8 too.

You know what else I do when I am really hungry...I drink tons of water to fill my belly up. Right now I am really into the flavored water like Green Tea to go in the honey and cherry blossom flavors. Also there is sugar free jello that is only 10 calories and so guilt free. :)

Lily T said...

It's hard to trust my feelings, because when I do, I go way over (or under). I was hoping to be able to trust the calorie range to keep myself from starving and stuffing myself. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how much I can trust myself.

I fear no one’s opinion! I am knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. I make this priority and build from experience. I do this for my children and myself. Supported by love, I will persevere.