Friday, August 25, 2006

Operation: Active Family

I want my family to be an active family. My husband Ly’s chosen forms of entertainment are video games and television. He’s very anxious to introduce these pleasantries to our children. However, our 3-year-old, Hunter, prefers to be active. I encourage this by taking him to the park whenever I can. Recently, I’ve been trying to play with him also, instead of watching at the sidelines. Anything other than sitting around is good for burning calories. I want Ly to participate. But when he comes home, the T.V. turns on. To counteract this, I decided to buy my son a bike. I figure it will give us more opportunities to be an active family. Unfortunately there were so many obstacles from making this happen. The day we bought the bike, Hunter was misbehaving like crazy. I was letting him by with just time-outs, because I was really looking forward to letting him ride his new bike. Unfortunately, Hunter ended up hurting his sister Teresa, so I had no choice but to deny him his bike ride. The next opportunity arrived earlier this week. After dinner, we all went to the park. Ly walked with Hunter on his brand new bike, while I pushed Teresa in her stroller. Walking behind Hunter, I noticed that the bike was too big for him, making him somewhat unsteady. This gave me a bad feeling. Then Ly decided to walk behind with me, as he encouraged Hunter to ride faster. Hunter turned to look behind at us, causing the whole bike to turn with him towards the street. He panics, turning too quickly to rectify himself, causing him to fall and break one of his training wheels. Although Ly promised to fix it for him, I know from Ly’s track record that it will not get done for a long, long time. Fate was just against us this time.

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